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Shelia arranged to have mom’s urn custom engraved at no extra cost and they did it two days. We had the urn in time for the services. I was shocked how helpful they were and for such a great price. We just couldn’t have done it all without her help. I am going back next week to preplan my own cremation because I am convinced the Cremation Society is the only way to go. Thanks Shelia.
- Janelle R.

Committal Services

Funeral Home in Tulsa, Oklahoma

The service that takes place at the site where cremation remains will be buried or scattered.

  1. The final portion of the memorial service at which time the cremation ashes are interred or entombed.
  2. The committal service can be the sole service. It is usually briefer than a memorial service.

Perhaps the simplest and most meaningful part of the Rite of Christian Burial is the Rite of Committal, that final ceremony at the graveside where the cremation ashes are laid to rest. Here, the family and friends of the deceased gather to take their final leave, and the cremation ashes are committed to the ground and to the hope of the resurrection. Here, the fundamental reality of death and the most basic truth of faith take their place side by side.

Cremation for Catholics

If you are a member of the Catholic Church concerned about what implications cremation has for you and your family, you don't have to worry any longer. Cremation has been a practice of the Catholic Church since 1963.

Original restrictions limited Catholics from using cremation services, however today; cremation is considered an acceptable option for Catholics. According to the Catholic Church,

"Since many Catholics find cremation to be a necessity at times, the important issue of whether or not the presence of cremated remains at Mass is acceptable needed to be officially addressed. In 1997, the National Conference of Catholic Bishops' request for an indult allowing for cremated remains to be present at Mass was answered favorably. The decision, passed down by the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, grants each diocesan bishop the right to decide whether this practice will be allowed in his diocese. When permission is granted, certain changes in the wording of funeral rites, as well as ceremonial modifications, must be made. These can be discussed in detail with your clergy."

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Cremation Possibilities for Catholics

Cremation can either take place following the Funeral Liturgy, with the committal following the Funeral Liturgy or the cremation remains can be present during the Funeral Liturgy. If you choose the third option, the cremated remains will be placed in a vessel and will be positioned where the casket would normally be.

The urn can be carried in the entrance procession or can be placed at the front of the Catholic Church before the liturgy begins. Usually, cremated ashes receive a traditional in-ground burial in a private or Catholic cemetery, following Mass. The ashes can also be entombed in an above ground columbarium niche, crypt or mausoleum. A site marker or plaque can be set in place to commemorate the burial place. This allows for permanent memorialization and provides a place of visitation and prayer for family and friends.

The Church does not advise cremation itself as a final means of disposition. The belief of the Catholic Church is that, "The scattering of remains, an irreversible process, or permanently placing a loved one's urn in the home of a relative, is not considered to be in harmony with the reverence that the Catholic Church requires. The exception would be a burial at sea, in which a worthy vessel containing a complete set of remains is placed at sea in a formal rite of committal ceremony."

If you are a member of the Catholic faith, the Cremation Society of Oklahoma would love to discuss your options with you. We will do everything we can to honor your beliefs and the instructions you have received from local clergy. At our family-owned business, the deceased and family members' needs and wishes always comes first.

We are here to help you and your family and would be happy to answer any of your questions! To learn more about our services and how we can accommodate you, contact us today at 918-347-6793.

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