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Cremation Registration

This Cremation Registration Form is a way of taking care of your family. Protect them from facing confusing and expensive decisions at a time of death. Make your wishes known!

When you register your wishes, we will send you the following:

  • An Identification Card for your wallet with our 24 hour emergency number.
  • Notification Cards for your family and friends to let them know your wishes.
This Cremation Registration is for:
This information is required to complete the Oklahoma Death Certificate & Cremation Permits.
Applicant's | First Middle & Last Name:
Please tell us how you would prefer to receive this information.
Legal Street Address:
Part two: Applicant's birth information:
Date of Birth:
City of Birth:
State & Country of Birth:
Part 3: Applicant's additional required information:
Social Security Number:
Education: years completed:
Marital Status:
If Veteran, please fax or mail us a copy of your discharge.
Part 4: Occupation | Employment
Occupation | Present or before Retirement:
Part 5: Family Names:
Your Spouse Information, if applicable:
Spouse First Name:
Spouse Middle Name:
Spouse Maiden Name:
Is your spouse deceased?
Part 6: Parents Information:
Father's First Name:
Father's Middle Name:
Father's Last Name:
Is your Father deceased?
Mother's First Name:
Mother's Middle Name:
Mother's Last Name:
Mother's Maiden Name:
Is your Mother deceased?
Your Next of Kin information:
First & Last Name:
By submitting this form, I hereby authorize and request the Cremation Society of Oklahoma, in accordance with its rules and regulations, and any applicable laws or regulations, to take possession of, to cremate and to carry out the final disposition of my remains as instructed below.
Please check one of the following options:
As indicated above, please complete the following:
Name of Individual or Cemetery:
Street Address:
City, State & Zip:
Cemetery Lot # or Niche # [If Applicable]:
Scattering Option [If Applicable]:
By submitting this form I indicate I have read and fully understand this document. Whoever is responsible for my final disposition must carry out my legally binding wishes as set forth in this document in which I have made known my full intentions.
Contact Information for person completing this form
Your Email Address:
Your Telephone:

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