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Travel Protection Offered by the Cremation Society™

Peace of Mind for the Active Individual

In today's world, travel has become a necessary part of our lives. People drive and fly far and wide for vacation, business, and to visit with family and friends. For a lot of individuals, it is just as important to prepare for the unexpected as it is to pack their luggage for a trip. If something were to happen to you while you were away from your legal residence, you can rest assured that the Cremation Society™ will be there to assist your family and ensure that your cremation remains are returned home. We understand how important it is to help your family recover your remains with as little worry as possible during their time of grief. By taking advantage of our Nationwide Travel Protection Plan, the burden on your next of kin will be greatly reduced.

When you choose the Cremation Society™, you work with dedicated and understanding professionals at our funeral home in Tulsa who make every effort to ensure that arrangements for and transportation of your cremation remains back to your family are taken care of in a timely manner. By becoming a member of our Nationwide Travel Protection Plan, you will save your family time, money and stress. Under this plan, our facilitators make all arrangements for cremation and transport, including paying costs up to $2,500 to that your family doesn't have to when dealing with the news of your death. In order to qualify, you will work with a plan administrator from the Cremation Society Travel Group. You only need to make a low, one-time premium payment and benefits will be available immediately. This premium does not expire and benefits are good for life.

Nationwide Guarantee

What happens if a loved one passes while away from home?

In the event of your death while traveling anywhere in the continental United States, your family members simply need to contact the Cremation Society™ through the National Emergency Assistance network and a licensed crematory will be contacted. The benefits of this plan include moving the deceased member to a licensed crematorium and assisting with cremation document preparation and permits as well as arrangements with the Transportation Security Administration to ensure that declarations and paperwork are completed prior to travel. Transport of ashes may be provided to family members as well using the USPS. At the Cremation Society™ of Oklahoma, we understand that you deserve a professional and understanding business partner to assist you and your family with your future planning and we stand ready to provide you with the peace of mind you need. Contact us today to speak with a representative about becoming a member of our Nationwide Travel Protection Plan.

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