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Place of Birth:
Monroe, Lousiana
Place of Death:
Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Mary Angelia Smith

Angelia Smith, my mom-well, everybody's mom-left this Earth on Feb. 17 th , 2014.

I say "Everybody's mom" because when I was a teen, she was considered the "cool mom" by all of my friends and that is still true now. She had the innate ability to make people feel comfortable and welcome in our home-which made it sometimes difficult to get them to leave! She was also possessed of the quality that made people want to talk to her. We often joked that she could find out someone's life history by simply saying "Hi!"

When I was 13 and after 16 years of marriage, she became a single mom who made decisions that would shape the rest of my life; like putting me into private school because she knew it would be a better education for me.

She never tried to squash my dreams, which were quite ambitious for a kid from a small town in the South and was the first to encourage me to pursue them.

She was my best friend and biggest fan but was never afraid to teach me the hard lessons because she knew that I would learn them well. She will always be the funniest person I've ever known and I know that I will NEVER be the housekeeper that she was but I thank God every day that 44 years ago He chose to allow me the privilege of being her daughter.

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